Galway play therapy and group work with children and teenagers

Galway Play Therapy ChildrenA play therapist facilitates Our Galway play therapy in groups. The playroom contains plenty of toys, sand and creative materials. Children with less serious problems are suitable for our Galway play therapy in groups. These children generally do not need individual play therapy. Those suitable for our group Galway play therapy include:



  • Children who may have issues such as being shy, withdrawn, over-pleasing, displaying low level aggression, and/or have difficulties with concentration, attention and/or social skills.
  • In addition to learning about themselves and others, children benefit from the gentle give and take of the group.
  • In group play therapy, children also observe the emotional and behavioural expressions of other group members. They learn coping behaviours, problem-solving skills and alternative ways of expressing themselves.
  • The length of each group session is one hour, and these groups meet once a week for about 10 sessions.
  • The maximum number of children in each group is four. In addition to this, children of similar developmental ages are grouped together.
  • As in individual Galway play therapy, a the therapist uses a non-directive approach.


Parent Group Consultations

Parenting can be the most challenging job in the world, yet it comes with no training! Parent consultations with Mary provide parents with information, support and advice about child development and parenting issues. Skills and strategies are taught in relation to common parenting difficulties such as bedtime routines, temper tantrums, rules, and teenage development and changes. Furthermore, families learn how to communicate more effectively, thereby improving relationships with each other.

Parent consultations with Mary can be provided to an individual or couple and can take place on a once-off or on-going basis.
“Things have improved and moreover the tips really helped.” “ I see myself and my child differently”. (A recent parent comment.)

Parenting courses

Mary runs 10 week parenting courses for individual parents, organisations or groups, and these courses cover the following topics:

  • Reasons why children misbehave and using positive attention
  • Quality time – children and emotions
  • Talking to your child about sex and sexuality
  • Active listening and assertive parenting
  • Handling difficult behaviour
  • Play and learning
  • Family change
  • Bullying
  • Nutrition
  • Stress management