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There comes a time when family or friends cannot assist in finding one’s way out of life’s difficulties.

Psychotherapy and Adult Counselling Galway can provide a safe supportive place to find new ways to address a crisis. Psychotherapy treats long-standing problems.  These problems are often rooted in difficult traumatic early life experiences.  These experiences, when spoken about in detail, can enable you to make better choices in relationships and life in general.

Adult Psychotherapy and Counselling Galway City and Salthill

Counselling, sometimes called “talk therapy,” is a conversation or a series of conversations between the counsellor and client. Counselling usually focusses on a particular problem.  The problem is often discussed in the present tense without too much attention to past experiences. You do not have to be in crisis to benefit from talk therapy.  However, it can be a great support or resource at times of difficulty in our lives.

Psychotherapy, like counselling, is based on a healing relationship between the therapist and client. Psychotherapy takes place over a series of meetings over a longer timespan than counselling. It enables you to deal with deeper, more long-term issues that may have their roots in your past, (e.g. traumatic issues from childhood) which are affecting your present life.

Mary works closely with you for Adult Counselling Galway. She enables you to explore thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviours that affect your life negatively. Counselling and psychotherapy give you the support and safety to explore, understand and, often, to change these thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviours.

The personal growth that can then take place can free you from the limitations of old patterns. This can allow more realistic and effective ways of improving the quality, contentment and satisfaction of your life to emerge.

You can benefit from counselling and psychotherapy at any stage in your life. However, it is more usual that you are likely to consider counselling when you are seeking to deal with changes, events or transitions in your life, or when you are facing a personal crisis.