Adolescent Counselling Galway

Adolescent Counselling Galway and Salthill

Adolescence is a complex developmental stage. It is distinct from childhood and it is not adulthood. Adolescent Counselling Galway offers therapy which helps teenagers and their families to negotiate the difficulties that can sometimes emerge at this time. These include challenges in relationships at home, school, moving to secondary school and again moving onto third level education. Other issues include bullying, sexuality issues, eating disorders, withdrawal, depression, anxiety, self injury, aggression, suicidal thoughts, family changes and grief and bereavement. Furthermore, counselling can help teenagers understand and make sense of their feelings/behaviour and who they are and want to be. As a result, bottled up feelings may emerge and psychotherapy offers an opportunity to explore these feelings. This brings the possibility of making feelings easier to understand and to take action. It can also be the place where they learn about relating with a safe and caring adult.

What I provide

I provide confidential one-on-one counselling and psychotherapy. I also offer teenagers a safe, non- judgemental space to explore the issues and challenges that they are meeting in their daily lives.

It is important that adolescents feel secure to talk in a confidential place. As such, parents will be asked to allow their child the freedom to attend their sessions on their own.

I am interested in working with this age group as I believe that many of the problems faced by adults later in life could be helped with counselling and psychotherapy earlier in life.